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The Author wishes to thank...

The development of DVD Shrink required the help and support of more people than it is possible to thank. In particular:

  • All those who participated in beta testing of version 3.2 - anchu99, Arno Vermeulen, bobwillis, cynthia, ddlooping, DK64_master, Doc409, eelco, FrogBait4, geffroman, jellybean, Laz, Malcolm, MeaCulpa, Mig$y, mrbass, nzjacob, Oldeman, PsychoDogBeast, ScubaPete, Skypat, Sophocles, SydneyGuy, TNT, Ton80, wingerz and writersblock73.

  • All those who participated in beta testing of version 3.1 - 2COOL, ddlooping, DoGUK, eelco, FrogBait4, geircito, jellybean, Laz, mikejd1, mrbass, peristasis, schud and smabbage.

  • ddlooping for his continuous support, his many thousands of helpful posts on the DVD Shrink forum, and the site.

  • Doom9, ddlooping, mrbass and many others for their excellent Guides.

  • Aymeric, Guy Incognito, ddlooping, Carlitus/Mandraker, Lim Chee Aun and ZeF69 for their alternative DVD Shrink toolbar buttons. Guy Incognito also designed the DVD Shrink logo in the installer and about box, also various other graphics used in the program.

  • Areku, the administrator of the DVD Shrink official Spanish forum at DVDaDVDr for web design and hosting of the DVD Shrink site.

  • The administrator of Digital Digest for hosting the DVD Shrink Forum.

  • Jordan Russell for making Inno Setup Compiler, which was used to make the DVD Shrink installer.

  • MPUCoder for his invaluable DVD-Video Information.

  • LIGHTNING UK! the author of DVD Decrypter for his advice about decrypting DVDs, amongst other things.

  • Ahead Software for the NeroSDK library which lets DVD Shrink burn a DVD video disc directly from within the application.